Pluto is a pricing tool for the Nordic power market. The purpose of Pluto is to facilitate pricing and risk management for power producers, distributors and traders. Pluto handles end-user contracts and financial contracts as well as the pricing of power production. Summaries, statistics and result reports are presented in the administrative tool. The system is widely used by power producers and distributors in Sweden, where we are the market leader in pricing today. 


For power distributors and traders:

Sales calculates retail prices. Pluto determines a reference price based on current Nord Pool market prices and currency rates from SIX. In addition to the reference price, it is then possible to set up estimated marginal revenue under current sales targets that are followed up and reported continuously. 

The analyst may break the reference price down into individual parameters, enabling follow-up and cost allocation of foreign exchange, CfDs, profile cost, volume risk, and many other parameters. It becomes clear how price risks divide for various types of customers. Experiment with pricing logic and simulate the effects of fictitious market movements. 

The Portfolio Manageris able to put up with a forecast of the total energy exposure for electricity trading company. In combination with the basic financial power contracts, it is then possible to calculate the portfolio value and risk exposure of the portfolio. In combination with Caesar, it is also possible to calculate the break-up value, scenario risk and Nasdaq (Nord Pool) security requirements for the concerned portfolios.